Thrifting 101

Being fashionable and on a budget can be intimidating to most people. If you are looking to find some unique treasures for a bargain all while being fashionably sustainable; thrifting just might be your solution. The clothing and fast-fashion industry is one of the leading polluters in the world; driving greenhouse gasses and leaving a devastating impact on our water systems and environment. So, what better way to help the environment, save some money, and feed your fashion needs than getting on the thrifting trend!

To help you make most of your next thrifting excursion we have some tips and tricks from Kenmark Eyewear’s own Brand Assistant, Shelbi Collins, to help you thrift like a pro in no time!  


“Don’t Seek Specifics”

Otherwise, you’re just setting yourself up for disappointment.

“Look through everything”

Don’t be confined to only the women’s, men’s, or kids sections. There are hidden gems throughout every corner; don’t be afraid to shop other departments.

“Go in with the right mindset”

Be open and patient. Your mood is everything when it comes to a successful thrifting experience. Be prepared to browse.

“See beyond the flaws”

If it looks remotely interesting, throw it in your cart. Sometimes all it takes is a little modification or alteration to become your new favorite piece. Recognize potential.

“Wear clothes that are easy to layer over”

Many thrift stores have limited (or no) fitting rooms. Wear form-fitting clothes to make trying-on easier to avoid being stuck with items you can’t wear.

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