Going Green for Earth Day!

Whether you have decided to be environmentally friendly or are new to the scene; it important to take strides to preserve and protect our environment. Every choice we make has a vital impact on the environment, and it is important that we learn to make the right choices! 

In honor of Earth Day, we have cultivated some easy tips for you to be environmentally conscious!

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When going to the store remember to bring a reusable tote with you; this way you can reduce the amount of disposable plastic in your life. We found some brands that offer fun, foldable, and lightweight options that are perfect for grocery shopping. 

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Instead of throwing away old clothes and items, donate them! This is an easy and simple way you can make a difference for the environment and other peoples lives. 

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It is estimated that over 500 million plastic straws are used daily in the US, which is enough to fill 125 school buses!! Straws are one of the top debris that are littering our oceans and beaches. A simple act that can help reduce plastic pollution is to simply say no to straws when ordering a drink at a restaurant; encourage your friends and family to do the same. 


Instead of throwing old electronics into the trash, recycle or donate them! Electronics that are thrown into landfills release harmful toxins into the environment as they biodegrade. 

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From sustainable fashion, to beauty products, even everyday items; making eco-friendly swaps in your shopping routine can have a positive impact on the environment. We’ve made a list of some fun, up-and-coming brands that are eco-friendly and sustainable!

Have more ways to go eco-friendly? Comment down below!