adventures in indio, california

and by Indio, California, we mean Coachella.

@alivialatimer took us along to Coachella and shared her fun through our Instagram Stories all weekend long - it was basically like we we're there.  Don't worry, if you missed it, she shared her fave parts with us and we're recapping all the fun here!

What were your favorite parts? This may sound funny but my favorite parts of the festival were all the in between moments with my friends. The road trip there, spending way too much money on tacos and watermelon between concerts, and accidentally getting lost without phone service were surprisingly some memories that will last for a while! 

Favorite bands? Ahh this is so difficult, there were so many great artists. I'd have to say my favorite artists were Porter Robinson and Bon Iver.

Your go to essentials for each day? My go to essentials each day were of course sunglasses (absolutely necessary, because it is SO bright outside), sun screen (again, just a lot of sunshine everywhere), water water water, a sweater for the night time chilliness, and a portable phone charger. I don't think I could have survived Coachella without any of these things!

Favorite style you wore?  I loved the kensie 'make me blush' style I wore the first day! They are so versatile with almost any outfit and definitely a go to of mine from now on!

music, friends, food, fashion, and fun - the best weekend ever right?!